aboutabout2Hello! Thank you for visiting my home on the web.

I am Charli, a Kent Wedding Photographer based in Kent and London, UK with photography services being offered throughout the UK, Europe and Worldwide.

I just adore life’s moments. I feel so blessed to be able to do something that makes people smile and cry happy tears. To capture something so special for others is the best thing ever and I am so thankful to all of my lovely couples that make this so much fun. Photography is part of me, I don’t really have a step-by-step process that I think through when I compose each shot, I just feel the moment for its individuality and aim to portray it in a beautiful way.

I am incredibly passionate about all things in life and I have always been a sucker for romance. I would love to share your special day and capture all of the moments for you. Please do contact me for a copy of my brochure.

   Charli xXx



“It is the photographer, not the camera, that is the equipment”

— Eve Arnold —




I still pinch myself for the awards that I have won and the blogs that I have been featured on! After all, I decided to follow my dream and this is where it took me.
To get awards for my work and for something that feels so natural to me is magical. Truly.





  • My husband, Mark, he is wonderful and so supportive. We tied the knot after being together for 9 years and being engaged for 7! It was beautiful and everything we could ever have wished for – and, it went far too quickly on the day (believe people when they tell you this!!).
  • Family & friends and having fun. Laughing is good for the soul!
  • Our babies, Bubbles and Bella (two fluffball cats that keep us up at night treating our apartment like a racetrack – a bit harder now that we have carpet!).
  • Adrenaline – I love to try new things and recently I threw myself (and Mark, much to his dismay) down the Big Zipper (Zip World Velocity), the world’s fastest zip line (with speeds reaching up to 119mph) and the longest zip line in Europe (this makes me wonder where the longer one is outside of Europe so that I can try that too!). In short, it was breathtaking (quite literally) and great fun. If you visit Snowdonia, go and do this. This year, I want to abseil in London for charity (I have The Shard in my sights although I may have to settle for something a little less high!).
  • Reading a book, a real book. I use e-books too but nothing really will ever beat the smell and feel of a real book.
  • The countryside. I am from a village in Kent and I will always feel happy surrounded by greenery and the calmness that the country exudes.
  • Cities – I love the character in cities. I fell in love with Florence this year – a completely enchanting place.
  • Lists – I have lists for my to do lists and I am completely over-organised! Bordering on OCD maybe?!?
  • Sunsets, rainbows, rivers and the sea.
  • Quotes. I love them.
  • Horses – galloping in the open countryside on a horse, nothing quite beats the free feeling that you get.
  • Formula One – Mark has his own car detailing business (Attention To Detail) and so naturally cars feature a lot in our lives (as do hundreds of microfibre towels, buckets, brushes….). When we are both not working, we love to sit down and watch the F1.
  • Italian food – I love pasta far more than anyone should!!
  • Travel – this year we did a road trip through Italy (Rome, Florence, Tuscany and Venice – keep an eye out for the blog post!). Create moments; they are all that really matter. We plan on re-visiting the Caribbean in 2017.
  • Baz Luhrmann – I first studied one of his films, Moulin Rouge, when I did Film Studies at A-Level and I am hooked on his style, it completely sucks you in to otherworldly’ness. I would love to work with him one day!
  • Kindness. Hugely underestimated.