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Ben + Corinne // UK Wedding, Isle of Sheppey


“What two soulmates look like…”

Ben and Corinne. I should start with a bit of context as this was a very special wedding for me indeed. I went to school with Ben, he was a few years above me but was, at times, a rock. I was badly bullied at school and spent a lot of time avoiding those that bullied me. The music rooms at school were a solace and Ben would spend a lot of time in there as he is undeniably incredibly talented musically. Ben took me under his wing in a way and introduced me to some of his friends and this made my last couple of years at school at least tolerable.

Fast forward many years and Ben asked me to capture his wedding to the love of his life, Corinne. Corinne is such a beautiful person, both inside and out and to see these two so happy together made many people shed happy tears on their wedding day.

Oh, and not to mention, the Disney touches that you may notice. Fun and kind – you can’t ask for much more!!

Love to you both,

Charli xXx

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Michelle + Lyndell // Destination Wedding, Nice & Papaya Beach, Eze, France



“Happy Anniversary to two very beautiful people!”

Today is a special day.

Today, last year, I was in France capturing a wedding for two very beautiful friends. And, when I say beautiful, I don’t just mean how they look! These two are beautiful through to their souls. Giving, caring, fun, full of energy and guess what? Their family and friends are all the same!! The happy energy felt on this day… well, it’s not possible to really put it into words. I will never forget how capturing this day felt.

Happy Anniversary you beautiful pair and all the love and luck in the world for your future together.

Completely blessed to know you.

Charli xXx


Charli Photography | France Wedding | Destination Wedding Photographer | Award Winning Photographer | Nice, Eze | Film Photographer | Digital Photographer

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Charli’s Destination Wedding Series: Greece

Whilst I capture both UK & Destination weddings, I thought it would be useful to do some blog posts on some of my favourite destinations.

The first on my list is Greece. Having just recently returned from a holiday to Cyprus, Greece seemed like the best place to start! But don’t worry I will also be doing features on Italy, France, New Zealand, Thailand, Maldives, Sri Lanka to name but a few!

I want the Charli’s Destination Wedding Series posts to be informative and give some good ideas on locations within each country.

If you are planning your destination wedding and are still looking for a wedding photographer then contact me today for a copy of my brochure. I have shot many destination weddings and am familiar with working overseas, working with wedding planners, travelling with all of my equipment and the other many organisational tasks that come with a destination wedding. I will soon do a separate post on the benefits of booking a UK based photographer for your destination wedding.

But for now…. Greece.

Here are a list of some beautiful venue suggestions to get you started…

1. Septum Prive (Asteras Glyfada Complex), Glyfáda, Greece

Image Source: – more photos can be found on the link.

2. Siparos, Xiafara, Greece

Image Source: – more photos can be found on the link.

3. Leonis Summer Houses, Mykonos, Greece

Image Source:

4. Princess Hotel, Skiathos, Greece

Image Source: – more photos can be found on the link.

5. Alta Vista Suites, Santorini, Greece

Image Source: – more photos can be found on the link.

6. Andronis Boutique Hotel, Oia Santorini, Greece

Image Source: – more photos can be found on the link.

7. Skopelos Village, Skopelos, Greece

Image Source: – more photos can be found on the link.

Charli xXx

Contact me to book me to capture your Greece Destination Wedding.

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