“Question & Answer Series…”


  • ildiko Horvath - Hi,

    My question is…I have a Nikon D7100 camera.Very often my pictures are not in focus.Intact,if there is only 1 person on the picture it is in focus but if is more than 1 it isn’t.
    Would you be able to give me the answer what am i doing wrong and what should i change on the setting?

    Thank you

    • 55196737 - Hi Ildiko,

      This sounds like it might be an aperture issue from what you are saying.

      If you have your aperture low (f/2.8 for instance) and the people you are taking a photo of are not in a straight line (e.g. some are standing behind/in front of others) then this will make the ones not in focus look ‘blurry’. If you are shooting with your camera on full auto settings then the camera will auto adjust the aperture/shutter speed/ISO to give you the correct exposure setting. If you are concerned to make sure everyone in a group shot is in focus then I would shoot in aperture priority mode or manual mode and make sure your aperture (f number) is 4 or above.

      The above is a very simple way of describing aperture and focus but keep an eye out as I will do a more detailed blog post on this in the next few months!

      I hope this helps!