I will be with you all day, as I believe your story should be captured in full, from beginning to end.

I love the challenge of working with natural light. This doesn’t mean that I only work with bright and sunlit fields, it just means that I will work with the available light, whether that be gorgeous sunlight, diffused light from clouds, a glowing sunset, the cosy glow of a fire or the atmosphere from sparklers, candles and fireworks. I will only use flash photography when that spot of extra light is needed to enhance a photo and I will never use flash photography during your ceremony – my main aim is to go unnoticed on your day so that I capture real moments. There are no gimmicks here, just pure, genuine and fun memories from your special day.

My style focuses on using the natural light to create unique images of your day and to tell your story exactly how it happens. This, coupled with my fine art storytelling, means that you can focus on enjoying your day and trust that I will capture it for you in a unique and authentic way.

I will blend into the background on your day. This is what I want, not to be seen, but to become a part of your day so that I live it with you and can create truthful memories. I will, of course, still capture the details (I love the details as much as you do!!) and I also like to spend some time with you both getting some gorgeous creative portraits. I approach the portraits in a unique way which I will tell you more about in my brochure but trust me when I say you won’t be told to stand there and smile – I will do everything possible to make you feel relaxed, and like you are just having some quiet time as husband and wife, rather than a photo shoot.

I work with you, to create beautiful images of your day, which truly reflect who you are as a couple. No two weddings are the same and I approach each wedding for its individuality and sparkle. When you book me, you don’t just book someone who has all the right equipment, you book my artistic eye and my ability to feel the moments of your day and to know when to hit the shutter on the camera. I don’t take thousands and thousands of photos and hope that some of the photos turn out OK, I consciously think about each and every shot, something that has been learnt from capturing weddings both on film and digital formats. Film makes you stop and think about what you are capturing before you press the button and this has enhanced my skills as a photographer. I adore photography and, above all else, my passion for photography and for seeing people smile is what sits behind every decision I make. I would love to get to know you and find out a bit more about your day so why not get in touch via the contact form to request a copy of my brochure.


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